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APU Adopted into MEXT "University Education/Student Support Promotion Program for the Advancement of Higher Education"

APU made an application to the "University Education/Student Support Promotion Program (Theme A) for the Advancement of Higher Education" under the theme of "The Formation of Faculty Enrichment Programs" and was adopted into the program.

This higher education promotion program selects from university faculty educational ability ensurement and improvement initiatives, those initiatives with goals that are both clear and which promise to deliver clear results. The program aims to provide the public with information on such programs and contribute to the strengthening of Japan's higher education quality assurance through providing priority financial support.

The following is an outline of the adopted program, "The Formation of Faculty Enrichment Programs":

This support program aims to raise educational quality assurance of university education working to deal with globalization, improve educational support and pastoral care skills of university faculty members dealing with a diversity of students, and support the nurturing of promising graduates who can contribute to the future shape of the Asia-Pacific region – one of the University's central missions. For this to happen, faculty staff need to have a deep understanding of the University's mission as they work together and cooperate towards our universal goal to develop our students. Furthermore, the university needs to provide students with an excellent education and educational support.

By strengthening existing faculty and student development programs, this program aims to raise the skills and abilities needed by both faculty and staff. It also aims to engage in the creation of high faculty ability standards through the "development of a `Faculty-Staff Cooperative Synergy Model' for student development" through the provision of opportunities for conscious faculty-staff cooperation and the promotion of awareness and practical skills.

In plain terms, while continuing to respect the independence and autonomy of the faculty, it will aim to further enrich the faculty's existing qualities and center on the four pillars of 1) a faculty cooperative synergy program, 2) faculty enrichment programs (FEP), 3) staff enrichment programs (SEP), and 4) faculty assessment.

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