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Greetings from the President


President, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Vice -Chancellor, The Ritsumeikan Trust

I was selected to be your president through a public process that is virtually unheard of at any other university in Japan. It is a privilege to be chosen by a search committee that not only accepted candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, but was diverse in and of itself with four non-Japanese members. At the same time, I fully appreciate the responsibilities that I now bear.

It need not be said, but a university’s mission is to be of service to society through education and research. To that end, the institution needs faculty, staff, and students of exceptional quality and drive. To achieve this, we must maintain an environment dedicated to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge, free from fear and anxiety. This will require that we call upon all of our stakeholders to lend us their strength to achieve these objectives, and that we establish a solid financial foundation. Realizing these goals is the duty of university management. Though I have much to learn, I am dedicated to fulfilling my new duties as president.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University possesses a strong vision looking forward to the year 2030. Under President Korenaga’s leadership, the students of this university took the idea of shaping their world to new heights. I want us to come together with our students, alumni, members of the local community, and our many other stakeholders in continuing this work, as we place a milestone on the road to elevating APU's standing in the global community.

I sincerely ask for your support in this endeavor.