About APU

Greetings from the President

Haruaki Deguchi

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University(APU)President
Trustee, Vice-Chancellor of the Ritsumeikan Trust

I was selected to be your president through a public process that is virtually unheard of at any other university in Japan. It is a privilege to be chosen among candidates from a wide range of backgrounds by such a diverse committee. After this second open recruitment, I am very honored to serve my second term.

APU will establish the College of Sustainability and Tourism in April 2023, forming a triangle system consisting of the College of Asia Pacific Studies and the College of International Management. I am very excited about the “New APU.” Up until now, APU has contributed widely to the international community by “mixing” students from all over the world. From now on, in addition to that, I would like to take on the challenge of "finding solutions" together in order to create a better society.

The APU2030 Vision put forth "Individuals who experience APU's unparalleled Global Learning Community will develop the power to change the world." I would like to work closely with students, alumni, the locals, and others who support APU to steadily set milestones in order to raise APU's standing in the world.