Student Life


Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (the University) adheres to its basic principles: “freedom, peace and humanity,” “international mutual understanding,” and the “future shape of the Asia Pacific region.”

Based upon the principles, the University will take the following measures to prevent harassment:

  1. The University shall not tolerate discrimination, prejudice and any other forms of harassment based on, but not limited to, gender, race, language and nationality. To prevent harassment, the University will pursue activities that educate its members and raise their awareness.
  2. The University shall prevent its members from harassing anyone since maintaining a harassment-free environment is of utmost importance.
  3. Should harassing conduct (or conduct suspected of being harassing) occur, the University shall provide the parties to this incident with assistance to deepen mutual understanding and improve the situation.
  4. If the parties are unable to resolve the problems by themselves, the University shall seek a solution in light of the aforementioned principles.

The University shall establish the Harassment Prevention Committee and other organizations necessary to achieve the above purposes.