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Study at the Most International University in Japan

1. Dual Language Education at one of Japan's Top Global Universities*

Dual Language Education at one of Japan's Top Global Universities

50% International Students All courses in English & Japanese

APU is a multicultural campus where about 50% of the student body comprises of international students. Students from 106 countries and regions (as of May 1, 2023) gather to study this uniquely international environment in Japan. Moreover, one in two faculty members is of foreign nationality, and the official languages of the campus are English and Japanese.

*The objective of the “Top Global University Project” is to provide priority assistance to universities that decisively implement uncompromised internalization and university reform and bolster the international competitiveness of higher education in Japan. APU was chosen by the nation’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for its record of such initiatives up to this point.

Comprehensive Language Education

About 90% of all courses at APU are held in both English and Japanese. Students have the option of pursuing their areas of study in either language. To ensure students attain such language ability, the university provides comprehensive language programs as well as a diverse range of off-campus study options.

Learn and practice the 6 Asia Pacific Languages

In addition to English and Japanese, APU offers courses in Chinese, Korean, Malay/Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Spanish. There are many native speakers of these languages on our diverse campus, giving students the opportunity to strengthen their comprehension on a daily basis.

2. One-of-a-Kind Education

2. One-of-a-Kind Education

Collaborate in Multicultural Classes for a Successful University Life

All students, regardless of their area of study, must take the course Multicultural Cooperative Workshop in their first year to gain the skills needed for a successful student life. Students are divided into small multinational groups and spend half a year working together on assignments with the aim of acquiring the language skills, cross-cultural understanding, and communication skills necessary for student life at APU.

Lectures that Emphasize Discussion and Practice

Through frequent discussions with faculty and classmates, students train their logical thinking while improving their communication skills as they listen and respond to the opinions of others. APU encourages students to conduct research in field studies both in Japan and abroad, so that they may acquire problem-solving skills that can be used in the real world.

Students Learn from Each Other on the World Stage

Students who wish to contribute to a better society come from around the world to gather at APU. Under the guidance of the finest professors with specialized knowledge, many students work hard in teams that have achieved excellent results in competitions in various fields both in Japan and abroad. Students can cultivate presentation skills, critical thinking, and negotiation skills that can compete on an international level alongside friends who are active on the world stage.

3.Study in Three Distinctive Colleges

College of Sustainability and Tourism to open April 2023

The only college in Japan offering Sustainability and Tourism Studies.

The College of Sustainability and Tourism aims to develop human resources who employ academic scholarly knowledge and innovative research to solve contemporary issues and global challenges in sustainable development and tourism.

9 concentrations

Environmental Studies


Resource Management

Resource Management

International Development


Regional Development

Regional Development

Social Entrepreneurship


Data Science and Information System

Data Science
and Information System

Tourism Studies

Tourism Studies

Hospitality Operation

Hospitality Operation

Tourism Industry Operations

Industry Operations

College of Asia Pacific Studies

The College of Asia Pacific Studies cultivates individuals who can contribute to sustainable development and coexistence in the Asia-Pacific and the wider world.

To reach solutions to the world’s complexly intertwined problems, this college trains students to cultivate broad perspectives and flexible thinking based on Political Science, Sociology, and Economics, mainly of the Asia Pacific region.

3 Areas of Study

International Relations

International Relations

Culture, Society, and Media

Culture, Society, and Media

Global Economy

Global Economy

College of International Management

The College of International Management is dedicated to the nurturing of leaders who can change society with the power of business.

4 Areas of Study

Strategic Management and Leadership

Strategic Management
and Leadership

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance



Entrepreneurship and Operations Management

Entrepreneurship and
Operations Management

international accreditations

* The College of International Management and the Graduate School of Management have earned two international accreditations, in addition to joining the PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) community in May 2021, making APU one of three such institutions in Japan. (as of October 2022)

4. Colorful Student Life

4. Colorful Student Life

Study alongside Friends from 106 countries and Regions Around the World

Since its opening, APU has welcomed international students from 166 countries and regions from around the world. Currently, 106 countries and regions are represented on campus, including about 2,800 international and 3,200 domestic students. These individuals of varying languages, cultures, and values study and live side-by-side with the goal of international mutual understanding. *Student data

24-hour Immersion in Japanese Language and Culture

International student housing, AP House, is on-campus housing where students can learn about Japanese customs and language through daily life with domestic students as well as friends from all over the world. Learning in this multicultural environment continues 24 hours a day. *On-campus housing facilities and costs

Promoting Learning and International Exchange Through Over 100 Extracurricular Organizations

At APU, there are over 100 registered extracurricular organizations, including clubs and circles. Many of these organizations have both domestic and international students as members, allowing students with diverse backgrounds to interact closely not only in their classes but also through extracurricular activities. One of APU’s most popular events is 'Multicultural Weeks,' where students come together to introduce the allure of a single country or region over the course of a week. From recruitment to event planning, directing, and fundraising, everything is organized and managed entirely by students themselves. Whether your interests lie in culture, sports, academia, volunteer work, or any other field, you can find a suitable organization to join. *Circle Guide

5. Rich Off-campus Programs that Suit Your Goals

5. Rich Off-campus Programs that Suit Your Goals

77 countries / regions 486 partner universities 182 exchange programs with universities and organizations

At APU, we offer a variety of Study Abroad Programs at various stages that allow students to practice overseas and acquire the skills necessary for our world. For 1st and 2nd years, we have programs for sharpening communication skills by diving into a different culture as well as intensive programs for learning languages. Upper-year students can participate in a number of programs according to their goals, such as pursuing their area of study at an overseas university in a more specialized way or studying with the aim of improving their skills with a view to their career after graduation. *Off-campus Programs Site

6. Path after Graduation

6. Path after Graduation

Many Alumni Active on the World Stage

Internationally competent APU graduates are striving to bring change to the world in their respective fields, including domestic and foreign companies and NPO/NGO organizations. To date, nearly 30 graduates have worked in various United Nations organizations. *Alumni who change the world

Over 95% Job Placement Success Rate!

APU graduates, who learn practical skills, attract attention from recruiters in various industries and companies. * Job Placement and Advancement Information

7. APU by the Numbers (As of May 1, 2023)




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APU is also ranked among the world's leading universities.
  • Times Higher Education Japan University Rankings 2023 # 1 for Environment
  • Times Higher Education Japan University Rankings 2023 #1 private university in western Japan (#4 nationwide)
  • APU received four stars in the comprehensive evaluation by the QS Stars Rating System conducted by Quacquarielli Symonds (QS), a global higher education evaluation organization in the United Kingdom.
  • QS World University Rankings international student ratio and international faculty ratio.:#1 in Japan
  • QS World University Rankings overall score:#1 private university in western Japan (#5 nationwide) *Ranking/Award Information