Student Life

Outline of AP House

AP House is home to almost 1300 students from all around the world.
With a 30:70 domestic-international student ratio, AP House offers international students the opportunity to live next to the campus for their first year as they learn the ways and customs of life in Japan. Support faculty and staff members are available on site in addition to Resident Assistants (RA) recruited from the resident student body. RAs play an important role at AP House by supporting house residents and promoting interaction and exchange.

Single and shared rooms are available. Shared rooms feature a sliding door to ensure each student's privacy. Each room is fitted with a bed, refrigerator, air conditioner, toilet, sink, and internet access. There are communal kitchens, bathroom and private shower facilities, and clothes washing and drying machines. Computer rooms and communal lounges are also available.

AP House Facilities

Number of rooms 1,571
Shared-type room 378
Single-type room 1,193
Shared facilities

AP House MAP
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 3

1 Shared-type room (AP House 2)

Domestic and international students are paired. Enjoying communal living through understanding each other’s lifestyle.

2 Single-type room (AP House 1,2)

Living with floor mates. The multicultural interaction is vibrant.

1 Single-type room and Shared Facilities (AP House 5)

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Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
AP House Office
1-2 Jumonjibaru (Uchikamado), Beppu, Oita 874-0011


Building Phone Number Extension
AP House1 W、C、E 0977-78-1900 534+extension
EⅡ 0977-78-1954 533+extension
AP House 2 L 0977-78-1956 535+extension
M、R 0977-78-1955 535+extension
RⅡ 0977-78-1957 537+extension
AP House 5 0977-78-1317 531+extension

*From overseas, please dial 81-977-78-XXXX.