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Student Life

House Accommodation Fees

Necessary Fees Upon Entering the Dorm*1


(a)For students entering in April
(b)For students entering in September
Moving-in Fee 32,000yen Moving-in Fee 32,000yen
April Rent 49,000yen Half of September Rent 24,500yen
May Rent 49,000yen October Rent 49,000yen
Security Deposit *2 98,000yen Security Deposit *2 98,000yen
Total 228,000yen Total 203,500yen
*1. These fees apply to new residents from Spring Semester 2019.

*2. Security Deposit:
The security deposit is a deposit for those who live in the dormitory. If dormitory fees go unpaid or the renter is at fault for damaging the room, expenses will be taken from the security deposit. Any money that is remaining after the fees and expenses are deducted will be returned to the renter.

Monthly Fees

Rent Accommodation Fees 39,000yen
Common Service Fees 3,000yen
Bedding Rental Fees 2,000yen
Utility Fees 5,000yen
Total 49,000yen

Note: Residents who reside in AP House for half a month will be required to pay half of the monthly costs.

It is not possible to prorate (calculate on a daily basis) your Dormitory Fees.