Student Life

Characteristics of the Program

Required Residence Life Experience
Normally, students are only permitted to reside in the AP House for a one-year period after they have enrolled in APU. In comparison, students to take part in the HPGC will reside in the AP House for a period of 1.5 to two years as a general rule. Over the period that they spend in the AP House’s close-knit multicultural environment, in addition to gradually accumulating experience in various forms of intercultural exchange and understanding, HPGC students will also gain the opportunity to master qualities such as coming to terms with diversity, achieving harmony with others, engaging in organizational management and practicing leadership within a multicultural community and surroundings.
Mentorship System by Staff Members
Students who take part in the HPGC can benefit from regular mentoring (opportunities to receive advice and guidance through interviews, etc.) from staff members. Receiving advice on areas such as their studies and student life in addition to advice on their participation in the program enables students to take full advantage of the various systems, etc. that APU offers and grow in the process.
Dedicated rooms
Students who take part in the HPGC may use dedicated rooms in the AP House for holding meetings and other purposes.
Students who have completed the program will be awarded by the University a certificate.
Merits of Participating in the Program
  • Living and working together with highly motivated students
  • A unique program which is only available at APU
  • Receiving guidance/advice from HPGC faculty and staff in the process of planning projects
  • Original seminars only for HPGC students