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The APU 2030 Vision and Challenge Design

APU has brought together students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff to work together and create the "APU2030 Vision". Based on the Declaration on the Occasion of the Opening of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, "APU2030" expresses the direction APU aims to take towards 2030.

The APU2030 Vision

APU Graduates possess the power to change our world.

In our global society of many different cultures and values, conflict and friction are bound to occur. APU strives to cultivate global citizens who will build a peaceful world by understanding and accepting cultural and historical differences. Fostering graduates with these abilities is at the core of APU's ideals of Freedom, Peace, and Humanity; International Mutual Understanding; and the Future Shape of the Asia Pacific Region.
APU Graduates will pursue freedom and peace with a deep respect for human dignity. By acting for the sake of both individuals and society, they can change the world.

Individuals who can change the world:

  • Cooperate and overcome conflict through dialog for the benefit of society.
  • Tolerate cultural differences and unfamiliar challenges.
  • Create new values incorporating diverse perspectives and ideas.
  • Envision their own goals and continue to grow as lifelong learners.

To cultivate such individuals, APU will:

  • Further utilize its preeminently multicultural campus to immerse students in a Global Learning Community that provides them with opportunities to grow.
  • Create a new Global Learning standard by pursuing internationally compatible education and research.
  • Strengthen ties with its invaluable stakeholders, from the local community to alumni around the world, working together to design the University and its educational programs.

―Individuals who experience APU's unparalleled Global Learning Community will develop the power to change the world.

Outline of the APU2030 Challenge Design

In order to realize the APU 2030 Vision, we are implementing the "Challenge Design" medium- to long-term plan for the next 10 years, starting in AY2021, with three priority goals and six action plans.

Three Priority Goals (2021-2030)

Multicultural Campus

APU will leverage its unique multinational and multicultural environment to provide various opportunities to grow as a global citizen, thereby creating a world-class Global Learning Community.

Global Learning

In continually improving the quality of its education and research, APU will create new global learning values and disseminate research that is on par with international standards.

Regional Collaboration

APU will deepen its connections with graduates, communities, and stakeholders all over the world and collaborate with them in educational activities and university administration.

Six Action Plans (2021-2030)

APU will become an environment that is not only diverse in terms of nations and regions represented on campus, but one of Diversity and Inclusion, embracing a rich array of cultures, religions, genders, etc. APU will continue to grow, fostering education that is both innovative and globally competitive.

Examples of Initiatives

  • Build an inclusive student support system that accepts diversification
  • Establish the new, third college in AY2023 and differentiate undergraduate education according to the individual goals of each.
  • Advance global learning, taking advantage of the unique characteristics that online and offline education each have to offer
APU will promote internationally recognized research that contributes to society.

Examples of Initiatives

  • Distinguish and improve APU research, such as inclusive leadership
  • Enhance promotion of international joint research
  • Support research that promotes open collaboration with domestic and international researchers and research institutions.
APU will contribute to the growth of communities around the world and create a new, university-driven regional development model for civics, government, and academia.

Examples of Initiatives

  • Build a center to support and unify regional collaborations around the world
  • Build continuous partnerships and collaborative relationships with multiple regions in Japan and overseas.
APU will enhance and diversify career tracks, allowing graduates to take an active role in the world and contribute to society.

Examples of Initiatives

  • Promote the diversification of career paths, such as joining international organizations, continuing to graduate schools overseas, engaging in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Collaborate with alumni taking an active role in the world
APU will strengthen the network of graduates and their organizations that possess the power to change the world.

Examples of Initiatives

  • Form and sophisticate alumni networks that transcend countries and regions
  • Create a system wherein alumni can continue learning through APU
APU will build a foundation for and organization to support a Global Learning Community.

Examples of Initiatives

  • Support the skill building of faculty and staff
  • Establish a staff organization meeting international standards
  • Strengthen the financial base