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Opening Declaration

Declaration on the Occasion of the Opening of APU

Since the beginning of human history, human beings have attempted to create their own distinctive cultures and develop civilizations in the various regions of the world. They have also had to overcome many constraints and obstacles in order to achieve their goal of living in conditions of freedom, peace and humanity.

The twentieth century was an era of rapid progress and unprecedented advance in the political, economical and cultural fields, as human activity increasingly took place on a global scale. Through the experience of the two World Wars, the United Nations and other international organizations were formed to enhance cooperation in order to maintain peace and to promote international understanding.

Given that the 21st century will see the emergence of a global society, we firmly believe that coexistence between mankind and nature, as well as between diverse cultures, will be indispensable for the peaceful and sustainable development of the Asia Pacific region. This is why we are now establishing a university here, to nurture the young talent and to create a new academic discipline which will help shape the region's future.

April 1, 2000 therefore marked the birth of the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, based on a vision of freedom, peace and humanity, international mutual understanding, and the future shape of the Asia Pacific region. The establishment of the University at Jumonjibaru, in Beppu City, has been made possible through the cooperation of the people of Beppu and Oita Prefecture, together with many others both within and outside Japan.

Our hope is that it will be a place where the young future leaders from countries and regions throughout the world will come to study together, live together, and understand each other's cultures and ways of life, in pursuit of goals which are common to all mankind.

The Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University is hereby declared open.

April 1, 2000