Student Life

Food and Shopping

On Campus

Both of the Student Union Buildings (building E and E II) are very important places for students wanting to lead a fulfilling campus life at APU, and become a daily hub for energetic and lively exchange between students.


Located on the first floor of Building E, this cafeteria-style restaurant can seat up to 900 people. The sunlight streaming in through the wall of glass windows makes this a very open, wide and bright space. Here you can enjoy a popular Thai curry, ethnic foods such as tandoori chicken, or perhaps something off the halal or vegetarian menus. The cafeteria also offers regional dishes of countries being showcased during the multicultural weeks.

Pacific Cafe

The Pacific Cafe, on the first floor of Building E, offers light meals such as sandwiches, naan, hamburgers, french fries, cake, parfait and coffee. You can enjoy your meal in a relaxing atmosphere at the tables, counter or sofas.

APU Table (Lunch Box Vendors and On-Campus Food Vendors)

The APU Table is lunch box venders and on – campus food vendors by outside companies.
Depending on the day of the week, the open day of the stores will be different, so please confirm the details from the link below.
APU Table (Lunch Box Vendors and On-Campus Food Vendors)

Café Olive (Building J (Green Commons) 1F, Cafe Commons)

Please check the details from the link below for closed days and business hours.
Café Olive Instagram NB: external link


The APU Co-op, located on campus, offers an array of goods and services to help support students in their everyday university life. Here students can purchase stationary, everyday items, foodstuffs, books and computer and related items. They can also book travel and apply for driver’s ed training etc. The Co-op also stocks some ethnic foods, and original APU goods such as t-shirts, pens, postcards and cookies.
There is also a small Co-op shop located on the first floor of AP House 1, selling food and drinks such as rice, bread, snacks, frozen foods, water and milk etc.

APU (CO-OP) Website

Near Campus

Beppu city offers an array of shops such as supermarkets, restaurants, electronics stores, and bookstores, to name just a few. There are also shops selling Asian spices, halal food and international telephone cards.