About APU

  • Learn about APU in 5 min.

    Learn about APU in 5 min.

    An explanation of APU education, which can only be obtained at its uniquely multicultural and multilingual environment.



    All kinds of data about APU are summarized here.

  • The President's Office

    The President's Office

    Profiles of APU's President and executives along with the President's messages are posted here.

  • Our Vision and Purpose

    Our Vision and Purpose

    This section provides information about the spirit behind the establishment of APU, the kind of graduates we aim to produce, and our vision for 2030.

  • History/Awards


    An introduction of APU's history, MEXT-Awarded Academic Programs, as well as other rankings and awards.

  • Information Disclosure

    Information Disclosure

    Here you can find facts and figures about APU in addition to the financial and management plans of the Ritsumeikan Trust’s affiliated schools.

  • Accreditation/IR


    This section provides information about APU’s ongoing endeavors to maintain and improve our levels of education and research, in addition to the results of university self assessment and evaluation, and external evaluation.

  • University Publicity

    University Publicity

    This section contains information about press releases, campus photos, logo use, and the university's official SNS accounts.