Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


About APU

  • The President's Office

    The President's Office

    Includes profiles of the APU President and APU executives and messages written by the President to the APU student body

  • Our Vision and History

    Our Vision and History

    This section provides information about the spirit and history behind the establishment of APU, the kind of graduates we aim to produce, and our vision for 2030.

  • Language Education

    APU Characteristics

    This section provides information about some of the unique features of APU.

  • Facts and Figures Index

    Facts and Figures Index

    This section provides information about the APU student body, faculty, educational and research initiatives.

  • University Publicity

    University Publicity

    Introducing APU through a range of mediums including publications, the university website, images, SNS, and more.

  • Visitors to APU

    Visitors to APU

    An overview of important people and dignitaries from a range of different political, academic and business circles that have visited APU and delivered special lectures, presentations and more.

  • Our Faculty

    Alumni and Parents' Associations

    This section provides links to the APU Alumni and Parents' Associations, a network for APU graduates and parents of APU students.

  • Information Disclosure

    Information Disclosure

    Here you can find information about the financial situation and strategic direction of the Ritsumeikan Trust’s two universities, four junior and senior high schools, and one primary school.

  • University Accreditation

    University Accreditation

    This section provides information about APU’s ongoing endeavors to maintain and improve our levels of education and research, in addition to the results of university self assessment and evaluation, and external evaluation.