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General Information about Tuition

Please read the following explanation, and if you have any questions, please contact us at one of the email addresses below.

Please direct inquiries concerning tuition payment methods and requests to have your tuition invoice reissued to the APU Administration Office.
Email: adgaku@apu.ac.jp

Inquiries concerning tuition extensions should be directed to the Student Office (Only for AY2020).
Email: t-fee@apu.ac.jp  TEL: 0977-78-1124

Click here for Q&A concerning the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on tuition.


APU tuition is composed of admission fees, Tuition A (the base tuition that is the same for all students regardless of year level) and Tuition B (which varies depending on the year level of the student). Failure to pay any portion of tuition by the deadline will result in removal from the register for nonpayment of tuition fees, and credits will not be recognized for that semester. Please be sure to make all tuition payments by the deadline. When receiving funds from overseas, some Japanese banks may require the recipients to complete certain procedures (such as confirming their identity). These procedures can take a few days to complete, so be sure to make arrangements to receive funds ahead of the tuition payment deadline.
* Note: Tuition cannot be paid in installments.

Tuition Amounts

Tuition amounts differ depending your year of enrollment and year level. Please confirm your amounts from the links below.

Payment Deadlines

Tuition must be paid in full every semester. Failure to pay the entire amount of tuition by the deadline will result in removal from the register from APU for nonpayment of tuition fees. Once paid, tuition fees cannot be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever.

From AY2021 *Note: Payment deadlines will change starting in AY2021

Change to Tuition Payment Due Dates from AY 2021 (For Parents/Guardians and Persons Paying Tuition)

Semester Payment deadline
Spring semester May 31
Fall semester November 30

* Caution: Payment deadline extensions will no longer be permitted.

Scheduled timing of invoice mailing <From AY2021>

Year Spring semester Fall semester
Tuition A Tuition B Tuition A Tuition B
1st semester (New students) Already paid at the time of admission
(enrolled in the spring semester)
Already paid at the time of admission
(enrolled in the fall semester)
2nd - 8th semesters Mid April Early October
9th semester and above Mid April Mid April Early October Early October

* Note: The scheduled timing of invoice mailing indicated above is subject to change.
* New students have already paid tuition for the first semester (half year) at the time of enrollment. After enrollment, tuition payment is due from the following second semester.

Payment Methods

There are several ways to pay tuition.

1. Pay by automatic transfer from your JP Bank (Post Office) account

Check the withdrawal notice and deposit the amount of tuition owed at least one day before the deadline. If you choose to make a transfer at a bank window, a fee of ¥880 will apply. (No fees apply for transfers between SMBC accounts). The JP Bank fee for automatic transfer is ¥10, and you do not have to go to the bank in person.

If you want to use automatic transfer, you must go to your nearest JP Bank and complete the necessary procedures in advance.


The account holder submits an application for automatic transfer at their nearest JP Bank

JP Bank processes the request and sets up the account for automatic withdrawal (this takes 1 - 2 months)

JP Bank notifies the account holder that their account has been set up for automatic transfers to APU

Registration complete

*Based on coordination with the Japan Post Bank, the transfer date will be around May 20 for the spring and November 20 for the fall (may be earlier or later depending on the calendar and other factors). We will send you information about the actual dates by mail.
* If a transfer cannot be made due to insufficient funds, another attempt will be made about one week later. If the transfer cannot be made the second time, fees must be paid in person at the bank window. Payments will not be withdrawn on the date of the final deadline (May 31 for the spring, November 30 for the fall).
* Students can check their notification of withdrawal from JP bank on the "Campusmate" website. This will allow students to log in the student’s personal MyPage, check and print out documents on the website (PDF), even if they lose them.

2. Pay at a bank using the invoice (including overseas remittance)

Take the invoice sent by APU every semester to the bank branch* and ask to make a transfer.
*Japan Post Bank is not available.

APU Bank Account for Tuition Payments

※1:Students can check their tuition payment invoice on the "Campusmate" website. This will allow students to log in the student’s personal MyPage, check and print out documents on the website (PDF), even if they lose them.

※2:If your tuition invoice has not been delivered to your address two weeks prior to the payment deadline, it has probably been returned to APU by the post office. Please contact adgaku@apu.ac.jp and be sure to include your name and student ID number. If you change your address or phone number, please update these details by yourself via Campusmate. If you do not update your address, your invoice will be sent to your old address. If you submit a Change of Address Notice to the post office, you can have your mail forwarded to your new address for one year.

3. Paying tuition from overseas with Western Union (WU)

This service is only available for persons living outside Japan.
To ensure that international students can access this service even if they are in their home countries, the university will send a notice to their APU email addresses when it sends tuition notices. Please follow the instructions in the email.
(Note: Domestic students who wish to stop domestic bank transfers and switch to paying from overseas with this service should consult the adgaku@apu.ac.jp well ahead of the tuition payment deadline.)

※3:If you are registered to make automatic payments from JP Bank and pay using this service instead, the university will need to confirm that payment has been made before the tuition payment deadline (every semester) so it can suspend the scheduled automatic payments from JP Bank. Exact dates and other information are included in the email notice about this service. Please make sure you do not accidentally pay your tuition twice.

More details regarding the payment process are included here:

Important Announcement

Tuition payment deadlines will change in AY2021

Spring semester payment deadline: May 31, 2021.
Fall semester payment deadline: November 30, 2021.

  • Failure to pay tuition by the aforementioned deadlines will result in removal from the register from the university.
    (The payment extensions offered until AY2020 will no longer be available.)
  • If you have been removed from the register, you will not be able to take classes for the semester in question.
  • If you are studying on a college student visa, you cannot remain in Japan beyond the date on which you were removed from the register.