Career Support

Career Development Programs

Beyond providing employment information, the Career Office serves as a pipeline linking the career planning of individuals to the needs of society. In the first year, a "Career Chart" is prepared for each student that includes postgraduate objectives, qualifications, and record of internship participation. In addition to skill development, students can enhance their awareness of career options through career development programs, designed with sensitivity to students' needs. Students also have the opportunity to fine-tune their career view through participation in internships.

As economies around Asia continue to gather momentum, more and more graduates are choosing to start their careers in this region. To meet this increasing demand, the Career Office has been holding a range of career support initiatives in China (Shanghai), Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Career support and advice from the moment you enter APU APU has developed a comprehensive career support framework to assist students to develop a greater awareness of their career options and paths from the moment they enter APU.

APU’s four-year career development program

Step1:First Year Students
How Do You Plan to Spend Your Four Years in University?

Immediately after enrollment, the Career Guidance session is held and students are asked to respond to a questionnaire on their desired career and field of study. Based on the results, each student is offered appropriate advice on career and academic planning, in order to become aware of issues relevant to their post-graduation plans.

Step2:First to Second Year Students
Visualization of the Future

Lectures and forums are held frequently to help students link their activities at university to achievement of their future goals. International executives, those active at the forefront of various fields, and Ritsumeikan University graduates are invited as guest lecturers.

Step3:1st ~ 3rd Year Students
Participation in an Internship Program

Internship programs are provided for students to help them nurture their career concept, become aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and develop clear work values.

Step4:Third to Fourth Year Students
Career Counseling

Each student is offered advice reflecting their individual goals and skills, in correlation with the demands of society. In the various job hunting support projects, student leaders are chosen to promote job hunting.