Undergraduate/Graduate School

Non-Degree Students (Part Time Study/ Auditing)

APU places a strong emphasis on lifelong learning and on offering educational opportunities to the general public. Please see below for more details on adult education options at APU.

Non-Degree Students (Part Time Study/ Auditing)

APU offers a range of opportunities for adult learners to study specific subjects at the undergraduate level including non-degree education and our lecture auditing program. Credits may be awarded depending on the courses taken and your study plan.

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Training programs at APU

In order to support the ongoing internationalization of human resource development, APU has been active in accepting trainees into its undergraduate and graduate programs as part of our ongoing efforts to provide adult education opportunities to individuals in the business and corporate sectors. In addition to taking courses such as international business management during their period of study of two months or more, trainees also develop a better understanding of cultural diversity, thereby acquiring the communication skills necessary for survival in a global climate, through residence at AP House, where diverse languages and cultures meet.

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