Student Life


The local bus service provides a convenient means of getting to and from the university and around the city.


Almost all APU students use one of two public bus companies to get to and from the campus. Students can receive a student discount by purchasing a commuter pass. In general the bus takes approximately 15 minutes from the JR Kamegawa station and between 35 and 45 minutes from Beppu station. While times may differ slightly depending on traffic conditions, students can almost always get to APU from anywhere in the city within one hour. Commutation tickets and prepaid cards offered by both bus companies can also be used for sight seeing around Beppu city. Please contact the bus companies directly for more details.

Motorbikes and scooters.

APU students who have both insurance and a license allowing them to drive in Japan may travel to and from the university by motorbike or scooter. Students must apply at the Student Office to be able to use the car park. Students are not permitted to come to and from the campus by car, but may be dropped off and picked up by someone else in a car if they have the correct license and insurance. For more details please contact the Student Office.

From AP House to APU

In general, all international students, and a portion of domestic students, spend their first year living at the AP House dormitory next to the university campus. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to walk between the campus and AP House. Directly in front of AP House is a bus stop with a bus directly into town, making it very convenient for students to get around. Discount tickets and prepaid commuter cards can be purchased from the APU Co-op.

Travel to other cities in Japan and abroad

For more details please contact the APU Co-op travel desk.

By Land

From Beppu Station, one of the main stations in Kyushu, students can take the Sonic Express and Nichirin trains (and others), to other cities in Oita and Kyushu, including Kokura, a station that provides easy access to Honshu. Discounts are available for international students.
A lot of APU students also use the Highway Bus. Students can get to Hakata in Fukuoka in 2 hours for 3,000 yen, although discounted tickets are available. This bus stops at various bus stops throughout the city, including one stop that is within walking distance of the campus.

By Air

Oita airport offers direct flights to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Seoul. An airport limousine bus runs between Beppu and the airport, taking approximately 70 minutes (times may vary due to traffic conditions), and costing 1,500 yen each way but with discounted tickets available.
There is also a bus stop within walking distance from the campus from which students can take a limousine bus to Fukuoka airport. Fukuoka airport is especially convenient for students wanting to travel to other cities in Asia.

By Sea

Return ferries to Uwajima in Shikoku, Osaka and Kobe run from the Beppu port daily. The Sunflower ferry running between Beppu and Kansai is an overnight ferry, from which you can see the many islands that scatter the Inland Sea, and night views of the Great Seto Bridge and the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.