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APU Selected for 2006 Contemporary Good Practice Funding

APU applied to receive funding under the Ministry of Education's Contemporary Education Needs Initiative Support Program (Contemporary GP) for Promoting Integrated Career Education and was selected for its Career Education for Global Human Resources Development project.

Themes for Contemporary GP subsidies are set based on the recommendations of government councils and the needs of society. Only the best projects are selected. The objective of this year's GP is to provide financial support to promote development of talented human resources who will become the leaders of the next generation.

This year a total of 565 applications on 6 themes were submitted. Of those, 176 applications were submitted on the theme of Promoting Integrated Career Education.

APU's Career Education for Global Human Resources Development project consists of the following aspects:
1)Promoting global human resources development by designing structured career education systems that integrate language ability, intercultural communication and specialized knowledge.
2)Supporting career education endeavors through integrated individual counseling on study, student life and career development.
3)Taking measures to show students how the specialized knowledge they have obtained is put to use in the real world via internships and cooperative lectures developed with our external partners.

President Monte Cassim offered the following remarks on this year's GP Award

Since its inception, APU has strived to create an internationally viable university through its myriad of endeavors. In 2003, APU received Characteristic GP funding for its Bilingual Education System on a Multicultural Campus, followed in 2004 by the Contemporary GP for Promoting Student Mobility.

This year APU has been awarded Contemporary GP funding again for its project on Career Education for Global Human Resources Development. I am very pleased that APU has been selected for this award, because this means that APU's endeavors have been recognized for their contributions to society.

This recognition depends not only on our efforts, but also on the cooperation of the local community and the Advisory Committee and through the support of countless individuals in every sector. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to each and every one of you.

By receiving this award, we at APU shall strive to contribute to making higher education in Japan even more internationally viable. We shall continue working to strengthen our programs in order to achieve our goals and to uphold our ideals. I thank you all once again and kindly request your continued support of APU.

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