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APU Students Participate in Ritsumeikan University Seminar Presentation

Dec 24, 2008

On Thursday, December 17 and Friday 18, 2008, HATTORI Eri (APM3, Japan), YAMASHITA Tomonari (APM3, Japan), USUI Motomu (APM3, Japan) and FURUKAWA Rio (APM3, Japan) of APU participated at the "Seminar Presentation" held at Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu campus and gave a presentation entitled "What is Management –the value of our Management studies". This, the first time for APU students to participate in a Seminar Presentation at Ritsumeikan University, came about through the call of Professor NAKANISHI Issei (Currently, Professor at Ritsumeikan University College of Economics) to seminar students of APM Professor FUKUTANI Masanobu –with whom he has deep exchanges.

On the 18th, the 5 groups which survived the final selection out of the original 99 gave their presentations. The APU group gave the following as an example of problems and countermeasures involved with group work at APU: "There are national differences in one's awareness of time, dividing work with pleasure and language barriers but, these can be solved by finishing discussions within a set time frame and with the help of someone who knows both languages" and concluded that, "To study management is to study the practical approaches to range of problems".

FURUKAWA Rio spoke of her impressions, "While I take my hat off to the level of the BKC College of Business Administration, it was a great motivation for us. I want to take advantage of this opportunity as another way towards knowledge."

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