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709 Students Celebrate the March 2009 Spring Graduation Ceremony


Mar 13, 2009

On Friday March 13th, 2009, APU celebrated its March 2009 Spring Graduation Ceremony at the B-con Plaza Convention Hall in Beppu City.

Approximately 1200 students, family and friends gathered to celebrate with the 709 graduates from 27 countries and regions as they embarked on a new and exciting chapter in their lives.

APU President Monte CASSIM congratulated the new graduates in his opening address, "Dear graduates, I would like you to affirm your belief in yourself. You will be the driving force of a new age that is struggling to be born. You will be the architects of a social order that will shape the future. You can shape your own world and the destinies of others with humility, grace and wisdom."

After President CASSIM presented the undergraduate and graduate school representatives with their degrees, winner of the ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize HUYNH Phuong Minh (APM4, Vietnam) said a few words as representative of the undergraduate school, "I am really thankful for being a part of this community of young people full of energy and ambitions to contribute more to life. Looking around me now I am confident that this is what we call the future of Asia, where regardless of our nationalities, we will be hand-in-hand, living, sharing and developing together."

Then, speaking on behalf of the graduate school students, CHAKRABORTY Abhik (GSAM, India) spoke of his future resolutions, "The real challenge before our so-called globalized humanity is the question of whether all hearts and minds can jointly address the challenges which face us, regardless of the languages they speak or cultures they come from. APU is a place that provides a platform for all of us, coming from nearly ninety different nationalities and countless different personal backgrounds, to come together in a quest to learn about ourselves. I hope that we will continue to challenge ourselves at the new frontiers of learning and implement our newly garnered knowledge and skills in business and management to ensure that our APU education is used for securing a better future for the next generations."

Following the closing ceremony, the graduates were handed their degrees by their respective College and Graduate School Deans.

The graduates have reached a milestone in their lives and will keep their memories and experiences of APU deep in their heart as they start on a new path towards employment and further education.

The APU Wind Orchestra performed before and after the ceremony which added the icing on the cake.

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