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APU Students hold English Class for Kindergarten and Elementary Children


May 21, 2009

On Saturday, May 16, 2009, members of the Student Activity Station (SAS) gave up their time to be tutors at the English class held by the South Beppu Area Public Hall. SAS is a student organisation which aims to support APU students in their extracurricular activities.

This dispatch to the "Hop Step English" English class was made possible by a request from the South Beppu Area Public Hall. Classes will be held once a month for a total of five times and will aim to teach the fun of English to elementary students through song and games. SAS members are also participating in the proposal and planning of lesson content.

Students from the general public also participated in the class as assistants in addition to the 3 SAS members of ASAI Misa (APM2, Japan), YU Jiabo (APM, China) and ISKANDAR Zaza Hazadiah (APS1, Indonesia). The young children had a fun encounter with English and gradually became familiar with the other students through simple English greetings, songs and games.

Ms. ASAI gave her impressions at the conclusion of the first class, "There was a wide range of ages in the class and it was challenging coming up with content which everyone could understand and enjoy. But I think that by including songs and games, everyone was able to learn and have a good time. In the future I want to teach even more things that will be helpful for the children."

The Student Activities Station (SAS) was established in June 2008, and this semester has 17 2nd term members who provide information for students and support students wanting to participate in extra-curricular activities. Furthermore, they are looking at ways to provide even better support.

Please click here for a look at 2nd term SAS training session:

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