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AY2009 Oita City Human Resources Development Project "Management of Technology (MOT) Lecture" held


May 26, 2009

On Thursday, May 14, 2009 the AY2009 Oita City Human Resources Development Project "Management of Technology (MOT) Lectures" began at the Oita City Industry Activation Plaza with the cooperation of APU and the Asia Pacific Innovation Management Center (AP-IMAC) etc.

The MOT Lectures, held by Oita City, are now approaching their 4th year. They will be held 12 times at a rate of once a week until Thursday, July 30. Five faculty members from the College of International Management with a thorough knowledge of technology management and 5 off-campus experts will be taking turns as tutors at these lectures. Furthermore, there will also be plant observations at the Nissan Motor Co. and TOTO factories – both core Oita Prefecture industries –as well as special lectures by invited off-campus experts.

On Thursday, May 21 at the 2nd MOT Lecture, FUKUTANI Masanobu and invited guest lecturer GEN Co. Ltd., Systems Development Division Chief, Mr. MIYAKE Kenji delivered a lecture entitled "Making Breakthroughs: Research Development Organizations and HR Strategy".
Over 30 managers, technicians, and administrators etc, from Oita Prefecture attended the 1st and 2nd lectures.

AP-IMAC Director, College of International Business Professor NAKATA Yukihiko spoke of the aims of the MOT lectures, "In these days of the financial crisis, it is important for local industries to make use of exchange with other types of industry to advance into new projects. This reduces the risks more than just sitting still. We asked DENKEN Inc. and Fujishima Co. who are both passionate about advancing into new projects, to give special lectures at this opportunity to exchange with different industries. We have set this up as a place to systematically learn about technology management, collect information and create connections across a total of 12 lectures. We hope to make a contribution back to the Oita Prefecture region through the technology management "knowledge" of AP-IMAC."

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