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"Vietnam Week" Gets Underway


Jun 14, 2010

"Multicultural Weeks" are being held again this year on the APU campus. Held over a month, this event will put the spotlight on the 98 countries & regions represented on the APU campus and introduce their different language and cultures. The 2nd installment, "Vietnam Week", is now underway and will run until Friday 18.

During Vietnamese Week, people will be treated to a host of Vietnamese food available at the Cafeteria and also get the opportunity to have their photo taken in a traditional "Ao Dai" costume. There will also be a number of events to get involved in including a Vietnamese photo exhibition, soccer tournament, and photo contest with a cash prize. The final day of "Vietnam Week" will feature the "Grand Show". Entitled "A thousand year RIVARLY" and based on a traditional Vietnamese mythical story, the event will showcase an "Ao Dai" fashion show, traditional dance and music performances, and a martial arts display.
We hope to see you there!

Schedule for "Vietnam Week"

Monday, June 14 – Friday, June 18, 10:00-19:00 @ Cafeteria
Poster displays, traditional “Ao Dai” costume display/dress-up and photo-shoot, Vietnamese coffee and cake tastings.

Monday, June 14 – Friday, June 18, 10:00-19:00 @ Pacific Café
The Beauty of Vietnam Photo Exhibition: Photos of Vietnam taken by APU students and friends.

Monday, June 14 – Thursday, June 17, 10:00-19:00 @ Pacific Café
Vietnam Week Photo Contest Display
*Pictures submitted during Vietnam Week will be displayed and the winning pictures, chosen by the Management Team, will be announced before the Grand Show (June 18, 18:30-18:45).

Monday, June 14, 12:10-2:20 @ APU Campus
Vietnam Drum and Bugle Parade (to be cancelled in the event of rain)

Tuesday, June 15, 13:00-15:00 @ AP House
Vietnam cooking class (not open to the public)

Tuesday, June 15, 12:10-12:25, 14:00-14:15, 15:50-16:05
Vietnamese Traditional Dance & Show (to be held at the Cafeteria in the event of rain)

Wednesday, June 16, 10:00- @APU Gymnasium
Soccer Tournament (not open to the public)

Friday, June 18, 18:45-20:30 @ APU Millennium Hall
The Grand Show: "A thousand year RIVARLY"
"Ao Dai" fashion show, traditional dance performance, Vietnamese martial arts display, and more

*The participating countries for the Spring 2010 Multicultural Weeks are as follows:

Monday, June 7 – Friday, June 11: Chinese Week (finished)
Monday, June 14 – Friday, June 18: Vietnam Week
Monday, June 21 – Friday, June 25: Korean Week
Monday, June 28 – Friday, July 2: Indonesian Week
Monday, July 5 – Friday, July 9: Myanmar Week
Monday, July 12 – Friday, July 16: Thai Week

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