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Ceremony marks the start of the Iwata Academy - APU/Ritsumeikan Course


Apr 27, 2012

On Wednesday, April 25, 2012, a ceremony was held to mark the start of the Iwata Academy - APU/Ritsumeikan Course. The ceremony was attended by 16 first-year Iwata Academy students, their parents, and representatives from Iwata Academy and APU. Also attending were the APU student Teaching Assistants (TA) that will be involved in this course.

During the opening ceremony, APU Vice-President, HIRATA Junichi offered a few words of encouragement before presenting each participating Iwata Academy student with an APU library card, “Out in the real world you will be faced with all sorts of situations that you won’t find in your textbooks and you will be called upon to think and act for yourself. University is the place where you should develop the skills that help you do just that. During your time on this three-year course I hope that you will learn how to size up different opinions and understand how the world works”. Iwata student, IKUSHIMA Ami spoke on behalf of the new course students, “I decided to take part in this course because I wanted to use English and communicate with people from all around the world. I’m really looking forward to learning things that can’t be learned at other high schools in Japan”.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and the Iwata Academy (Oita City) signed a university-high school liaison agreement in May 2007, as a way of promoting the development of globally-minded graduates in Oita Prefecture. This agreement led to the establishment of the Iwata Academy - APU/Ritsumeikan Course in April, 2008. Including this year’s intake, the program has so far welcomed 85 Iwata Academy students. Students on this program study under a course curriculum developed by the Ritsumeikan Trust and the Iwata Academy.

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