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Career Development Support Session at APU - Good Luck to APU Juniors!

Feb 6, 2006

On Sunday, October 16, 2005 a career development support session which was hosted by the APU Student & Alumni Association was held in the APU Cafeteria.

With the support of the Tokyo Alumni Association of Ritsumeikan University, the career development support session started in 2003 as a project to support third-year students who will be doing job hunting activities. The session was attended by 15 volunteers including Mr. SUMINO Koichi, CEO of Autobacks Seven from the Tokyo Alumni Association of Ritsumeikan University. Approximately 60 APU students participated in the session.

A general assembly and group sessions were carried out, and the participants had the opportunity to hear the experiences of members of the Tokyo Alumni and learn firsthand about the current job situation. It was a good chance for all of the participants to think about their future careers, to strengthen the links with APU and Ritsumeikan University graduates, and be motivated about their future job-hunting prospects.

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