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A Delegation of High School Principals from Indonesia Visit APU

Nov 8, 2007

On Friday 26th October 2007, a delegation of eight distinguished high school principals visited APU.Since 2004, APU has invited a delegation of high school principals from various countries for the Fall Semester Entrance Ceremony, where the university welcomes many students with excellence in academic and linguistic ability. This year however, the visit took place in October, as the high school principals wished to observe everyday student life at APU.

By enabling the school principals and course leaders to get a real idea of study at APU and life in Beppu, the aim of this visit was to deepen their understanding of the university and hopefully to lead to the securing of more talented students at APU in the future.

During the visit, there was an informal gathering for the group of high school principals with President CASSIM, other faculty members and some of the principals' former high school students who are now studying at APU. The group expressed their satisfaction at being able to directly experience the internationalism and diversity of APU, and they were also delighted to see just how much their former students have grown.

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