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A special lecture "Hirameki Tokimeki Science" Held

Jul 25, 2008

On Saturday July 19th, 2008, A special lecture "Hirameki Tokimei Science" for high school students was held on campus and 32 students from Oita and other prefectures participated in the lecture.

APU and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science co-hosted this special lecture. They want high school students to realize what state-of-art technology is and experience and how interesting science is. This is the second lecture since last year. The theme of this year is that "Japanese Monozukuri (technology) and Asian relationship from producing a liquid-crystal calculator through to competition of liquid-crystal TVs."

NAKATA Yukihiko APM Professor's lecture was about the history of developing a liquid-crystal calculator and the evolution. He explained how these technologies have developed as business materials. The participants were also given the opportunity to see the liquid-crystal calculator which SHARP produced it as the world's first one in 1966 by SHUTOU Yoshihisa, a former director of SHARP Oita Technology Center and examine computers after pulling apart it. In addition, there was an exchange session and presentations with APU students including international students. The participants seemed to be satisfied with their intellectual curiosities and enjoy their creativities.

Finally, Professor NAKATA gave the certification of the future PhD candidates. He encouraged the students, by saying "Be a responsible person for developing Japanese Monozukuri (technology) towards the world."

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