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Information on Resident Application

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AP House 3 is accepting applications from current AP House 3 residents to extend their stay past the current contract end date (February 29, 2024), as well as residents of AP House 1, 2, 4, and 5 who are interesting in moving to AP House 3. Please read the guidelines below thoroughly and complete the application before the deadline.
※For students not currently living in AP House (including students returning to school after a leave of absence or studying abroad), we will hold a separate application process starting in December for moving into AP House 3.

Guidelines for Extending Stay at or Moving into AP House 3
AP house 3 resident recruitment poster

Necessary Fees Upon Entering AP House 3

【If you plan to move in between the 1st and the 15th】
Moving-in Fee 33,000 yen
Security Deposit* 66,000 yen
2 Months Rent 66,000 yen
Total 165,000 yen
【If you plan to move in between the 16th and the 31st】
Moving-in Fee 33,000 yen
Security Deposit* 66,000 yen
1.5 Months Rent 49,500 yen
Total 148,500 yen

* Security Deposit
The security deposit is a deposit for those who live in the dormitory. If dormitory fees go unpaid or the renter is at fault for damaging the room, expenses will be taken from the security deposit. Any money that is remaining after the fees and expenses are deducted will be returned to the renter.

Please complete the automatic payment procedure for the AP House fees within two weeks after moving into the AP House.

For inquiries about AP House, please contact AP House Office at

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