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First-Year Educational Dormitory : The AP House Living Learning Program

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First-Year Educational Dormitory : The AP House Living Learning Program

AP House Concept

AP House 1, 2, and 5 are first-year living-learning educational dormitories that operate under the core concept of “residential education and residential wellbeing” to provide residents with a variety of educational opportunities that will assist with their competency development. Residents who successfully complete the residential education program of 9.5 months or longer will receive a certificate of completion.

【Mandatory】Living Learning Program

AP House
Entrance Ceremony

As part of the AP House Living Learning Program, the Dean of Students and House Master will host an official AP House Entrance Ceremony. The ceremony is divided into two parts; the first part is an explanation of the AP House Mission, Values, Competencies, and residential educational programs and the second part is a social event planned by Resident Assistants (RAs).

Floor Meetings・
Community Life Workshop

Once a month each floor has a Floor Meeting; the aim is to enable information exchange between AP House residents and the university, while also providing information necessary to live as a member of AP House and the local community. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to reaffirm AP House rules. Attending the Floor Meetings is compulsory for all AP House residents.
Whether living your life at AP House or in the community, you are required to understand the rules and regulations, and to figure out on your own how you should act. You will learn what you need to know to live as a citizen of Japan and of Beppu City, and develop skills essential to leading your life as a member of the community.

AP House
Graduation Ceremony

Students who have completed the residential education program of 9.5 months or more will receive a certificate of completion. Those who have completed the program but have been subject to disciplinary action or have missed 3 or more kitchen duty/Floor Meetings will be considered as not having completed the program and will not be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.


The following competencies have been established for residents based on the AP House mission and values. New residents are asked to complete competency self-assessments once at the beginning and once at the end of the academic year, as part of the Floor Meetings, in order to understand how their competencies have developed. (The AP House Office will send residents an email with a link to the self-assessment survey that they can respond to.)

【Voluntary】Living Learning Program

Program Overview
Theoretical Learning

Theoretical Learning is an extracurricular program for intellectually curious students. "Intercultural Understanding & Communication" and "Assertive Communication & Conflict Management” seminars will be offered during AY2023 Spring Semester with "Team Building & Team Communication" and "Critical Thinking & Frameworks" seminars offered in AY2023 Fall Semester. Each seminar will be a series of 2-4 sessions and participants must be able to attend all sessions to be eligible to participate. This is an opportunity to not only deepen your learning of theory and knowledge, but to also get to know other intellectually curious residents.
Applications will be accepted at the beginning of each semester.

Inspirational Learning

Lecturers will be invited from various fields, such as graduates (from both the colleges and graduate schools) and those affiliated with international organizations and non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, etc. Students will learn from role models about attitudes in learning and activities at university and future careers, set their own goals, and actively work on them.
・Scheduled to be held 2-3 times/semester.

Empirical Learning

Empirical learning through off-campus experiences (e.g., agricultural experiences, volunteering in rural communities, company visits) and the planning and execution of on-campus events/programs.

(Multiple In-dorm Extra-activities)

MIX is a program that utilizes residents’ spare time to encourage interaction among AP House residents through activities with a focus on wellness and wellbeing. Activities include yoga, Group Fight, core training, hiking, cooking, calligraphy art, and more! MIX program design is based on the 8 dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, social, occupational, financial, environmental, spiritual, and intellectual.

(Residents Organized Multiple In-dorm Extra-activities)

RE-MIX differs from AP House’s MIX Program in the respect that RE-MIX events are planned and run by residents themselves. Residents will design and implement events based on the 8 dimensions of wellness with the aim of providing opportunities for exchange between residents and the chance for deeper involvement in dormitory management and residential education.

STEP (Student Total Enrichment Points)

There are a variety of program offerings to help residents make the most of AP House’s multicultural environment and to support competency development. Students who participate in these programs will be awarded Student Total Enrichment Points (STEP). Point cards will be distributed when residents move into the dormitory. We hope you earn lots of points, learn a lot, and find lifelong friends!

Living Learning Program Points
Floor Meetings/ Community Life Workshop 1
RA Community Building Events 2
MIX (Multiple In-dorm Extra-activities) 1
Theoretical Learning 4
Empirical Learning (Off Campus Study) 2
Inspirational Learning 1
RE-MIX (Resident Organized MIX) Core Members (Maximum of 3) 5
RE-MIX (Resident Organized MIX) Project Members (Maximum of 10) 2
RE-MIX (Resident Organized MIX) Participants 1

<Awards Presented at the AP House Graduation Ceremony>

  • Best Resident Award (Resident with the most STEP points)
  • Outstanding Achievement Awards (Top 10 residents with the highest number of STEP points)
  • Best Floor Award (Top 3 floors)

Ten residents from AP House 1, 2, and 5 who earned the highest number of STEP points and who are eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony will be presented with an Outstanding Achievement Award at the graduation ceremony. The Best Resident Award will be given to the student with the most STEP points. The three floors with the highest STEP point averages among those eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony will be presented with the Best Floor Award at the graduation ceremony.


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