Status of Residence (Visas)

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Have you renewed your visa?

You must submit application from at least one month pior to the final day of your period of stay.

International students:

Be aware. Be responsible.

As part of being a student at APU, you need to have a proper understanding of your student visa and the immigration laws of Japan.

If you don't follow the rules…

You could face penalties ranging from being unable to renew your visa, being denied a work permit, or you could even be forced to leave Japan.
Not knowing the rules, laws, and ordinances is no excuse.

Observed all deadlines!

You have a duty to complete all requirements before the deadline.

Promptly reply when contacted by the office.

We may send you a personal message if we need to contact you regarding your visa, so reply as necessary.
Check your personal messages on a regular basis.

Contact Information

Student Office
Phone: 0977-78-1124

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