1. Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, etc.

Withdrawal, Readmission

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  • Students who encounter unavoidable circumstances such as illness may apply to withdraw from the University. Students who wish to apply should consult with the Student Office in advance to receive the necessary forms.
  • Any tuition paid to the University will not be refunded.

The following will result in compulsory withdrawal:

  • Failing to complete the necessary procedures for a change of student status, such as reinstatement or transfer within the University, by the set deadline.
  • Becoming subject to disciplinary action in the form of withdrawal.


  • Students who have withdrawn or have been expelled may petition for approval to be readmitted.
  • Information concerning your time at APU, such as your grades, any awards or disciplinary action received, and whether you have properly complied with immigration laws, will be used when applying for readmission or when taking the APU entrance examination.
  • Students who have been readmitted will retain any credits they earned during their previous period of enrollment, prior to their withdrawal/expulsion.
  • A student may apply for readmission within three years of the last day of the semester in which they withdrew/were expelled. However, the student must submit the necessary forms by the deadline for the corresponding semester.
  • Students approved for readmission must pay one semester's tuition in full before being readmitted.

Readmission application deadlines

  Domestic International
Spring Semester Readmission Feb. 15 End of December
Fall Semester Readmission Aug. 5 End of June

If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will move to the next business day.


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