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Event & Project Support

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Event & Project Support System

The University supports events and activities that are generated by students and have time limits for achieving their goals.
The University supports students’ self-initiative and their motivation and desire to carefully plan and implement one-time events to the best of their abilities. Also, the support is aimed to develop students’ growth as well as event planning and administration skills that are required skills for working professionals.
Support can vary depending on the following types: “Autonomous Events,” “Selected Projects,” “Enterprise & NPOs Co-create Project.”

1 ) Type A: Autonomous Events

These events and activities are organized and conducted entirely by student groups. Student groups can be approved if their event plans have significance, are safe, and not against the rules of the University. Organizations approved for a Type A event have flexibility in planning and implementing their events, can use the University’s facilities and equipment and promote their activities on campus, and are eligible to apply for a subsidy. It is possible to apply for a subsidy of up to 30,000 yen if your group is planning an event or activity for the first time and requires financial assistance. There are approximately 10 subsidies available each semester. Clubs and circles are also eligible to apply for a Type A subsidy when organizing a new event or activity.
Click “here” for details.

2 ) Type B: Selected Project

Type B: Selected Project
B型:Type B: Selected Project選抜プロジェクト型

Selected Project Types are projects that take six months to a year to complete their objective, and receive a higher level of the support and training from the Outreach and Research Office. The University will select outstanding projects that support the University's focus for the Student Initiated Activities. Those elements are “Nurturing multicultural receptivity (the ability to accept differences and collaborate with people with various backgrounds) to be an effective member of international society,” “Utilizing academic knowledge from your studies at APU,” “Contributing to the world, local, or APU community.”
Click “here” for details.

3 ) Type C: Enterprise & NPOs Co-create Project

Enterprise and NPOs Co-create projects are projects that APU students work with companies, NPOs, or APU. APU receives offers from companies and nonprofit organizations that would like to do projects in collaboration with APU students. Among those offers, the University will select projects that can apply students' ideas effectively and will help students develop themselves. The University then extends those offers to interested students. Click “here” for details.

Introducing your event or project on social media

The Outreach and Research Office regularly introduces student-led events and projects on its social media accounts.


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