1. Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, etc.

Registry Removal

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The following will result in expulsion. Students who have been expelled cannot be readmitted.
(Only students who have been expelled for non-payment of tuition fees are able to apply for readmission.)

  • A student's duration of study exceeds eight years.
  • Dual enrollment (A student enrolling in two or more universities, colleges, or departments at the same time).
  • Death.
  • A student going missing for three months or more.
  • Failing to pay full tuition by the deadline.

About students who go missing for three months or more

  • When there is reason to believe a student may not be coming to the University ? for example, because the student is not registering for courses, not taking final exams or not attending their classes - the University will contact the student's registered current address and home address.
  • If the University attempts to contact the student and the student fails to respond with a legitimate reason, the University will consider the student missing and will expel the student after three months
  • Students should always ensure their current addresses and contact information are registered in Campusmate so that the University can contact them if they are unable to come to APU due to illness, accident, or other unforeseen circumstances. If a student becomes unable to come to the University, they should consult with the Student Office as soon as possible and complete the procedures for a leave of absence or withdrawal.

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