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Academic & Learning Core Staff

Promoting the use of intellectual resources at APU

With the APU Library and learning commons ( PANGEA) as t he center of our activities, our staff includes students from 17 countries and regions. Using the library and software, we support students in developing independent study skills. We hold fun events too! You can always find us at the help desk in the library.

Junior Assistant Advisers for Career

Help you build a career

JAC aims at facilitating a better career path for APU students, especially 1st and 2nd year undergraduates, by offering various career oriented guidances and events, under the supervision of the Career Office. In 2015, we organized public speaking and self-analysis workshops and held our first off-campus event, a bus tour of companies. We also organized a panel discussion with Japanese companies and APU staff.

Global Admissions Student Staff

Dream Maker for High School Students

The purpose of our organization is to effectively communicate the appeal of APU to the outside world. We are the main organizers of various admissions-related events, such as Open Campus, that introduce APU to prospective students and guardians. Half of the students in GASS are international; working together in this mixed environment provides our members with language practice and intercultural experience. Please join us and help prospective students learn more about the unique opportunities available at APU!

Looping Alumni and Student(s)

Bringing APU and alumni together

Loop.A.S is a student leg of APU Alumni Association. We offer the various events makes the opportunity for APU students to meet with Alumni. Our aims are to make current students’ APU life more fulfill, Alumni can get an fresh energy from current students and to develop both Loop.A.S members and Alumni.

Student Press Assistant

Sharing APU with the world!

Capturing the appeal of APU and broadcasting it to APU, through Japan, and across the world. We cover campus life and academic pursuits from a student's perspective.


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