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Procedures for Moving Out

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1. Preliminary Procedures

Before moving out, you will need to report your new address to the University.
Before starting your application to move out, change your address in Campusmate Web (APU).

Updating Address on Campusmate

  • *Every morning, between the hours of 3:00 am and 5:00 am (Japan time), 'Campusmate' closes for maintenance.
  • * If your new address has yet to be determined at the time you apply to move out, you will need to change your address in Campusmate Web (APU) as soon as it’s determined.

It is essential to submit a request for moving out online by the request deadline.

AP House fees are charged in half-monthly increments, not by the day.

Be sure to complete your request online by the deadlines at least one month prior to the desired date of leaving the dormitory. You are unable to submit a moving-out request on the website during 4:30am to 5:30 am (Japan time) every day, and 7:30pm on Wednesday to 5:30am on Thursday (Japan time) every week.

Preferred moving-out date Request deadline
1st to 15th By the 15th of the preceding month
16th to final day of the month By the final day of the preceding month

Note: In the event that you cannot complete your request by the deadline, even for reasons such as illness, injury, class attendance, or job-hunting, you will be required to pay additional fees.

Refund date

2. Request for Moving Out

Access the URL below * Please use "Edge".


*Type your student ID number and password

Submit the “Request for Moving Out” form after completing the necessary items

Check the completion screen

Receive “Receipt of Moving Out request/Departure Approval Notice” email

Clean and return the room to its original layout and state, dispose of all trash

Room inspection (We will to check your room if there are scratches or stains on the walls, floor, etc.)

Return the room key to the Security Office, exit AP House

Moving-out process complete

*If your new address has yet to be determined at the time you apply to move out, you will need to change your address in Campusmate Web (APU) as soon as it’s determined.

  • If you wish to change the moving out date, “Request for Moving Out” must be submitted on the website again.
  • If you wish to cancel a request, please email Creotech a aphcreo@apu.ac.jp
  • Please make sure to check notes about moving out here

If a resident is unable to move out by the moving-out date, they are required to contact the Security Office to have the moving-out date extended. Regardless of the number of dates that are passed the 15th or the last day of the month, the final payment will be determined by the application date or moving-out date. In case you cannot move out by the date and the date needs to be changed, you need to resubmit the application on the website.

3. Moving Out Day

After cleaning the room, bring the room key to the Security Office. You are required to continue paying your Dormitory Fees until your key is returned. Residents will be billed for replacing or repairing wallpaper, carpet, or room furnishings if the cost exceeds the amount of the Security Deposit.

*You will be a non-resident student of AP house once the room key is returned.


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