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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AP House

What should I bring when moving into AP House?

Please make sure to bring a thermometer and any regular medicines such as cold remedies and fever reducing painkillers. (AP House does not provide medicines).
Please also bring toiletries, clothes, towels, induction hob cooking appliances, rice cookers and crockery.
Other necessary items should be purchased on your own after moving in.

How much of my belongings should I bring with me when I move into AP House?

There is a limit to the number of items that can be placed in each AP House room. In order to live comfortably in the limited living space, we recommend that you bring only the necessary items or send them from your parents' house after you have settled in.

I may not be able to move into AP House during the designated move-in period.

All new students who wish to move into AP House must move in during the designated period.
We are unable to accept students who wish to move in before the designated period as we are not yet ready to accept them.
To ensure a smooth transition to life in AP House, RAs will give guidance on moving in during the designated period. Participation is mandatory for new students. If you are not able to enter the dormitory within the designated period, you may not be able to attend the dormitory guidance session.

I may not be able to move into AP House during the specified time (10:00-17:00).
*Students coming to AP House by themselves

All new students entering AP House must arrive during the designated time (10:00-17:00).
If you arrive before the designated time, you will be asked to wait until the move-in procedures are ready.
If you arrive after 17:00, please contact us in advance. However, please refrain from entering the dormitories late at night (after 22:00).

Can people other than new students (parents etc.) enter AP House?

No, it is not possible. Only dormitory students and staff are allowed to enter AP House.
For parents and guardians accompanying new students entering AP Houses 1, 2 and 5, the Community Lounge on the 4th floor of AP House 5 (on campus) will be open, so please wait there.
During the move-in period, we expect vehicular congestion. Please do not park your vehicle in front of AP House for long periods of time as it may cause inconvenience to other residents.
If you are visiting the Community Lounge (AP House 5), please enter through the main university gate and park in the visitor parking area.

Can I stay somewhere else after I have completed the AP House move-in procedures?

Yes, it is possible.
Please inform the RA on the floor that you will be staying somewhere else before you leave. If you have to miss the move-in guidance, you can attend on the following day. Please attend the guidance on the day you move in if at all possible.

How do I receive the luggage I have sent in advance?

The delivery company will contact the mobile phone number of the resident after the pre-sent luggage arrives at the entrance of each AP House.
The delivery of the parcels will take place at the entrance of each building.
For this reason, please include a contactable mobile phone number on the dispatch slip.
If there is no mobile phone number on the delivery slip, AP House 1, 2 and 5 students will be contacted at the extension number of their room.

<If you are not at home at the time of delivery_ AP Houses 1, 2 and 5>

If there is space in the delivery box, the delivery will be put in the delivery box.
If there is no space available, an absence slip will be posted in the mailbox, and the dorm resident must request re-delivery themselves.

<If you are not at home at the time of delivery _AP Houses 3 and 4>

If you are not at home at the time of delivery, an absence slip will be posted in your mailbox, so please request re-delivery by yourself.

What facilities are available in the shared kitchen?
<AP Houses 1, 2, 5>

The shared kitchen in each AP House is equipped with an induction hob, electric kettle, microwave oven and toaster.
Refrigerators are provided in each room.
Cooking utensils are to be stored in your room.

<AP House 3>

AP House 3 has a mini-kitchen (induction hob, sink) in each room.
Refrigerators are located in each room and microwaves in the corridor on each floor.

<AP House 4>

Shared kitchens on each floor of AP House 4 are equipped with an induction hob and microwave oven.
Refrigerators are provided in each room.
Cooking utensils are stored in a personal storage box in the shared kitchen.

Room facilities.

The floors in the rooms are carpeted.
Shoes in AP Houses 1, 2 and 5 are to be worn at the discretion of each resident. (AP Houses 3 and 4 have entrances inside the rooms.)
Shoes and other personal belongings are not allowed in common areas, including corridors, to ensure evacuation routes remain clear.

For other information, please click on the links below.


AP House 1 & 2

<Single-type room>

<Shared-type room>

AP House 5



AP House 3
AP House 4
Food shopping for dormitory students

AP House does not provide meals, so residents must prepare their own meals.
There is a convenience store (LAWSON), APU-COOP and the APU Cafeteria on the APU campus. AP House 1・2 also has a House CO-OP and mobile food vendors (greengrocers, Korean food and other food vendors).

Parking of motorbikes and bicycles

There is a motorbike and bicycle parking lot next to AP House 1. Motorbikes and bicycles must register their vehicles with the university on their own.
For details on registering bikes and bicycles, please see below.
Registration is only possible after you have received your student ID card. If you wish to bring your own vehicle when you move in, please inform the AP House Office after moving in.


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