1. Administrative Procedures

Address Registration

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Tuition invoices are mailed to the tuition billing address you have registered with the University. If you do not have the correct address registered, your tuition invoice will not be able to reach you, and you will not be able to pay your tuition. Every semester several students are withdrawn for non-payment of tuition because they did not have the correct address registered with the University and as a result they did not receive their tuition invoice. If you move, you must update both your current address and your tuition billing address.
If you do not keep your addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information current, the University will be unable to contact you or your family in the case of an emergency. Always be sure you have the most up-to-date information registered with the University.

Contact Information Registered with APU

Students must have the following address and other contact information registered with the University:
(1) Current Address, (2) Tuition Billing Address, (3) Home Country Contact Information, and (4) Emergency Contact information.

The University has the following address information registered for new students:

Domestic Students 1 - 4 The address you provided when completing admissions procedures
International Students 1 - 2 Your AP House address
(for students not in AP House, your address before coming to APU)
3 - 4 The address provided on your application form to APU

If any of the below situations apply to you, you must update your address information in Campusmate.

  • If you moved to Beppu and have an address different from your permanent home address.
  • If you change rooms in AP House.
  • If you are an international student who does not live in AP House and live at an address different than the one you reported to the University in your application for admission.
  • If you want your tuition invoice mailed to an address other than your permanent home address. This must be a domestic Japanese address.

How to Register Your Address on Campusmate (PDF)

Tuition Billing Address

Domestic students:

If your family will pay your tuition, your tuition billing address should be the same as your permanent home address. If your family lives overseas, your tuition billing address should be the same as your current address. Invoices will not be mailed to an address outside of Japan.
The name for your tuition billing address should be the name of someone who currently lives at that address.

International students:

You cannot use an address outside of Japan. Use the same address as your current address.


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