1. Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, etc.

Student ID Card and Change of student information

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Notice Concerning Registration Confirmation Labels

The Student Office will send registration confirmation labels (the sticker on the backside of student ID cards) to students who need one by postal mail.
Registration confirmation labels will only be sent to addresses in Japan. Please send the following documents to the Student Status Section in the Student Office if you need a label.

  • Copy of both sides of your student ID card
  • Copy of an ID (Driver’s license, etc.)
  • Stamped and addressed return envelope

Students can also get registration confirmation labels at the Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus and Osaka-Umeda Campus.

The original expiration date of your student ID card is your expected graduation date. If you are an undergraduate student enrolled for more than 8 semesters, a master’s student enrolled for more than 4 semesters, or a PhD student enrolled for more than 6 semesters, please contact the Student Office at apustu1@apu.ac.jp to renew the data in the card to extend the expiration date.

Student ID Card

Your student ID card is an important document that identifies you as a student. Be sure to carry it with you at all times.

Your student ID card must be presented in the following situations:

  • When requested by faculty or staff
  • When taking examinations
  • When purchasing bus passes or student fare tickets
  • When entering certain facilities (e.g. APU Library)
  • When borrowing items at the Library
  • When applying for certain certificates
  • When using APU facilities or equipment

Important instructions about your student ID card

  • Do not loan or give your student ID card to another person.
  • Do not bend, break, or deface your student ID card. Do not keep it near smart phones, mobile phones, or other electronics.
  • If you lose your student ID card or if any of your personal information printed on the card changes, immediately notify the Student Office.
  • If a you are issued a new student ID card, or if you lose your student status due to graduation, withdrawal, leave of absence, or suspension, you must return your student ID card to the Student Office.

You must affix a new registration confirmation label on the back of your student ID card each semester

  • The registration confirmation label is the sticker affixed to the back of your student ID card. This label has the expiration date of the card and other information. A student ID card is considered invalid if the date on the registration confirmation label is expired. Cards without this label are also invalid.
  • Come to the Student Office before the expiration date printed on the sticker to pick up a new registration confirmation label. Write your current address and other information on the label and affix it to the back of your student ID card.
    Remember that you must remove your current sticker before applying the new one.
Registration confirmation label (sample) Spring

【Registration confirmation label (sample) Spring】

Registration confirmation label (sample) Fall

【Registration confirmation label (sample) Fall】

If you lose or damage your card

  • If your student ID card needs to be reissued due to loss, damage, or for any other reasons, you can apply for a replacement at the Student Office. Your replacement card will be issued two office days after your application is received, and there is a replacement fee of 2,000 yen.
  • If you lose your student ID card, please go to the Co-op office as soon as possible to suspend the electronic money registered to the card.

If you have a name change or want to change the photo on your student ID card

  • If your name changes, you will be issued a new student ID card for free. Please bring documents that can be used to confirm your name change, such as a passport or residence certificate, to the Student Office.
  • If you want to change the photograph on your student ID card, please bring new ID photos to the Student Office. There will be a reissue fee of 2,000 yen.

Students who extend their graduation date must renew their student ID card

  • For undergraduate students, the original expiration date of your student ID card is your expected graduation date after completing eight semesters. If you will be enrolled at APU for more than eight semesters, you will need to renew the data in the card to extend the expiration date. If you do not renew your card, you will not be able to use it at facilities like the library.
  • Undergraduate students who will be enrolled at APU for nine semesters or more will need to bring their student ID card to the Student Office each semester after their eighth semester to have the card renewed. Your card will be returned two office days after you submit it for renewal.

Guidelines for writing student names on student ID cards

  • Student names at APU are generally written according to the following guidelines.
    • 1. Names are written using the western alphabet.
    • 2. Names are written in the following order: Family name, given name, middle name(s). If this order differs from the sequence traditionally used in the student’s home country, a comma (“,”) is placed after the family name.

Electronic money and the student ID card

  • The student ID card also includes the Co-op electric money system. You must use the electronic money feature when purchasing certificates and certificate stamps from the University. Electronic money can also be used in the cafeteria and Co-op shops on the APU campus. You do not have to be a Co-op member to use the electronic money feature.

Student ID Number

The student ID number is the eight-digit number that is printed on the front of your student ID card. The correct student ID number must be entered on attendance sheets, examination answer sheets, reports, and other forms.


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