1. Administrative Procedures

Motorbike Registration Methods

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Students who wish to commute to APU by motorbike must first undertake the necessary registration procedures here on campus. Additionally, students who live in AP House must register their motorbike to be able to park it in the AP House parking lot. The university will lock unregistered motorbikes that are found parked on campus. Students who illegally park their motorbike in the vicinity of the university (Beppuwan Service Area parking lot, vicinity of AP House, etc.) will face severe penalties that could include suspension.

1. Motorbike Registration (PDF)

Check the documents needed to register your motorbike and begin getting them in order.

Bring the documents to the Creotech Office to register your motorbike.

Creotech Business Hours:
(Excluding periods when the office is closed for summer and winter break, weekends, and national holidays.)
TEL: 0977-78-1160
2. Expiration Date (PDF)
  • Expiration Date
  • Motorbike Registration Seal
  • Parking
3. Traffic Rules and Manners (PDF) ※Excerpted from the Student Life Handbook
  • Important Notes for Bicycle Riders
  • Traffic Rules (Drunk driving, Driving without a valid license, Speeding, Helmets and Riding Double)
  • Traffic Accidents(In the event you are involved in an accident)
  • Motor scooters also require a valid driver's license!,Driver’s Licenses
  • Traffic Rules and Manners for Commuting to APU
  • Insurance
4. Accident Prone Locations in Beppu City
  • The Oita Prefecture Police Department has compiled a map (Japanese only) that shows the location of serious accidents that have occurred in the past. Before you begin driving or riding a bike, be sure to check the map to familiarize yourself with some areas that potentially could be dangerous to avoid getting into an accident yourself.

Helmets are being stolen from the bicycle/ motorcycle parking lots. Please secure your helmet using a wire or a lock.


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