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Multicultural Week

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Campus in the colors of the world! Multicultural Weeks

Multicultural Weeks

Multicultural Weeks are very popular events at APU. During eachweek, you can get a taste of the culture of a certain country or region,including its music, traditional costumes, sports, dances, and language.

Multicultural Weeks are held throughout the year, and in AY2019, they were held for 11 different countries and regions.
Each week starts with a parade on Monday, followed by a music night and a sports day. On Friday, the finale is a performance called theGrand Show, which takes place in Millennium Hall. The planning and operation of Multicultural Weeks is handled entirely by students. By performing a range of duties every day, the students work on the skillsthey need to run the events while getting to interact with each other. In the meetings, you will see many international and domestic students freely exchanging their opinions regardless of where they are from.
In total, more than 1,250 students participated in the various Multicultural Weeks. Don't miss your chance to join and learn new skills!

Multicultural Weeks
Multicultural Weeks

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