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FLAG - FeLlow Advisory Group

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About FLAG

FLAG is an organization of reliable sempai. The first sempai the new students will meet.

FLAG - FeLlow Advisory Group

We provide support for incoming students during their orientation period. Our activities range from planning welcome events to explaining rules and giving information that students need to be successful in their lives both on and off campus. Through our activities, we develop initiative, teamwork, and leadership skills. If you have any questions, "Just ask me!"

Recruiting for FLAG

Now Recruiting 2024 Fall FLAG Members!

We are currently recruiting students for FLAG (Fellow Advisory Group; new student orientation leaders) for 2024 Fall Semester. If you would like to help new students and share your experiences here at APU, please attend one of the guidance sessions and submit your application before the deadline.

1. Role of FLAG

Provide support to new students to help them ease into college life and the environment at APU.

2. Activities

  • Organize and run some of the orientation sessions for new students. (Student Life Guidance, Course Registration Q&A Session, etc.)
  • Plan and manage welcome events and projects that provide support for new students.
  • Other activities as required.

3. Activity Schedule

  • 1. FLAG Meeting:
    Wed, July 17, 6th Period, 18:00-19:40
  • 2. FLAG Training Session:
    Mon, August 26 and Tue, August 27 (all day)
  • 3. Orientation Preparation:
    Wed, August 28 – Tue, September 17(weekdays 10:00-16:30)
  • 4. Orientation:
    Wed, September 18 – Tue, October 1 (all day) (Tentative)
  • 5. Review Meeting:
    Tue, October 1 (Tentative)

4. Recruitment

Approximately 20 students

5. Participation Requirements

Applicants must meet all the following conditions:

  • 1. Must be a regular undergraduate student (Graduate students who received their undergraduate degree from APU are eligible to apply. Short-term exchange students are not eligible).
  • 2. Must be able to attend all activities listed in the activity schedule above.
  • 3. Must be able to communicate in both English and Japanese.
  • 4. Must be a team player with a positive attitude and be willing to assume responsibilities until FLAG ends.
  • 5. Must be able to come to campus to participate in face-to-face FLAG activities including the first meeting in July.
  • 6. Students with valid work permits (international students only)

6. Application Schedule

Step 1: Attend the FLAG Recruiting Guidance

  • *Please participate in either one.
  • *The guidance video will remain on the FLAG Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/APUFLAG). Students unable to watch the livestream may watch the archived guidance session on the FLAG Facebook page.
  • *2024 Fall Semester FLAG duties will differ from those in previous semesters. Students who did not watch the guidance session are able to apply, however, please be aware of what is expected of FLAG members prior to applying.

Step 2: Online Application

Complete the online application by 10:00 on Wednesday, June 19.

  • *Applications will officially open after the guidance session on June 6.
  • Results will be announced Wednesday, June 26. Notification will be sent to the Action Required section of your Campus Terminal account.

Step 3: Interview

Applicant interviews will take place in one of the interview time slots during Monday, July 1 to Wednesday, July 3, between the 2nd and 5th periods.

  • Final results will be announced Wednesday, July 10. Results will be sent to the Action Required section of your Campus Terminal account.

7. Other

  • Remuneration will be paid to FLAG members who successfully complete all the required activities, however, please be aware that this is not a part-time job when applying.

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