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Local Exchange / Student Activity Station (SAS)

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APU was established with the generous support of Oita Prefecture and Beppu City. Since its inauguration, the students of APU and the local community have worked to forge bonds with each other. APU believes that in order to make the most of your life in Japan, interacting with the people of Oita Prefecture by participating in local exchange events is an all important step.

Local Exchange Events

Students at APU have participated in a wide range of local exchange events that have taken them on excursions to culturally and historically famous areas of Oita and other parts of Japan. Other events have given APU students the opportunities to learn how to make Japanese food and traditional crafts.

Local Exchange Program

SAS - Student Activity Station

Are you interested in participating in an exchange event with members from the local community but feel a little anxious? SAS is here to help you take the first step! SAS holds a Local Exchange Guidance for students participating in local exchange for the first time, creates opportunities for APU students to meet local people, and plans exchange events where students can learn more about the surrounding communities. Let's join the SAS events! Check Campus Terminal or the SAS Instagram account for event information.

Examples of events:

  • Local Exchange Guidance (Held in April and October)
  • Walking tours around Beppu
  • Exchange events with elementary, junior high, and high school students
  • Reading picture books and interacting with children at children's centers
  • Community cooking classes
  • Multicultural-themed workshops at Tenku Festival

*We recommend students interested in applying for the SAS position to first participate in local exchange and SAS events. For application procedures, please refer here:
Student Staff On-campus student job

Important information regarding Local Exchange Events

If you fail to attend a local exchange event without having a justifiable reason, you may be banned from future local exchange events as well as for the Student Activity Station (SAS) position.

In order to avoid this happening, we recommend that you:

  • 1. Check your schedule to see whether you will be able to attend on the day before applying.
  • 2. Make sure you have not applied for another event.
  • 3. Do not apply if there is the possibility that you will be busy with classes or have make-up classes around the time of the event.

* The above reasons will not be accepted for failing to attend an event. If you have any special reason for not being to attend, contact the Outreach and Research Office and the host of the event.


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