1. Extracurricular Activities
  2. Using APU Facilities and Equipment

Individual Use of Gymnasium Arena

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Individual use of the gymnasium arena, Multipurpose Field, and tennis courts

Individual use of sports facilities is possible during times that these facilities are not booked for club/circle activities. Please make the most of this opportunity to refresh yourself through some exercise.

Using the Facilities

  • Gymnasium・Multipurpose Field:
    These facilities can be used if they are available on the day of use. Please apply at the reception desk in the gymnasium on the day of use.
  • Tennis Courts:
    • Please make an online reservation in advance.
      Reservations can be made using TriR (classroom/facility reservation system) at the link below.
    • After making an online reservation, check in at the reception desk in the gymnasium on the day of use.
  • When using the above facilities, a person representing the group must show his/her student ID card at the reception desk in the gymnasium.

Individual Use Days/Times

Gymnasium (Arena 1・2) /Multipurpose Field
Days Times
Mon・Tues・Thurs・Fri・Sun 5th Period (16:10-17:50)
Wednesday 6th Period (18:00-19:40)
Saturday 5th Period (16:10-17:50)
6th Period (18:00-19:40)
Tennis Courts
Days Times
Monday~Saturday 1st~7th Period (8:45-21:30)
Sunday 1st~5th Period (8:45-17:50)
  • Sports facilities may not be used when all campus facilities are closed during the summer and winter vacation periods.
  • Facility use may not be permitted when the National Center Test for University Admissions and other entrance examinations are held on campus.

Using Gymnasium Equipment

Students are able to borrow the following sports equipment. Everyone who wishes to use the equipment must show their student ID card at the reception desk in the gymnasium.

  • Table tennis equipment: Tennis tables, nets, supports and barriers, racquets, table tennis balls
  • Badminton equipment: Poles, net, racquets, shuttlecocks
  • Volleyball equipment: Poles, net, antennae, volleyballs
  • Basketball equipment: Basketballs (there are basketball hoops in the gymnasium arena)
  • Dodgeball equipment: Dodgeballs

Important Notes

  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the gymnasium arena, however, you may replenish yourself with liquids when exercising in the arena. Please use a mop to wipe up any spilled liquids on the arena floor.
  • Indoor shoes are required to use the arena. You may not use the arena barefoot or with outdoor shoes on.
  • Please handle the equipment you borrow with care. You may be asked to reimburse the cost of any equipment that was damaged as a result of careless use.
  • Students unable to abide by the above manners and rules will have their right to use facilities suspended.

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