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This survey is conducted every semester as research into AP House residents’ actual life situation in an aim to improve their living environments. Based on the actual living conditions of the students, we will consider ways we can offer better support and strive to improve the quality of AP House.

Attributes of respondents

Total Domestic students International Students
978 469 509
100% 48% 52%

Survey Period:Thursday, November 9th 2023 to Friday, November 17th 2023.

1. Survey Highlights

Topic 1 - Satisfaction with Dormitory Life
Overall, 75% of students provided positive responses ('very fulfilling' and 'fulfilling' combined), indicating a generally fulfilling dormitory life.

Q21 Please choose your level of satisfaction with dormitory life.

Topic 2 - Reliability of each floor RA
Overall, 81% of students provided positive responses (combined responses of 'very trustworthy' and 'trustworthy'), indicating that a certain percentage of residents appreciate the dormitory management, particularly that led by Resident Assistants (RA).

Q24 Please make a selection regarding the RA on your floor.

Topic 3 - Multi-cultural understanding
Overall, 87% of students provided positive responses (combined responses of 'strongly agree' and 'agree'), indicating that many students feel a deepening of cross-cultural understanding as a result of living in AP House.

Q29 Living in AP House has deepened my multi-cultural understanding.

Topic 4 - Free response
In this section, there were opinions pointing out both positive and negative aspects of facilities and living conditions while residing in AP House. Here are some selected comments.

I like the opportunity for international exchange. The best aspect of AP House, in my opinion, is that just stepping outside my room allows me to meet people from different cultures.
The Wi-Fi signal is weak, and the speed is slow.
I would like the internet situation to be improved.
I love the environment at AP House. The friendly atmosphere has allowed me to make many friends. The facilities are fantastic, and events organized by RAs have made me realize the encouragement for my personal and social growth.
※The Student Office is progressing with considerations to enhance the Wi-Fi situation in the 2024 academic year.

2. AP House Survey Results


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