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Applying for a Local Exchange Event

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Let’s get out into the local community to get to know Japan, Kyushu and Oita! Don’t hesitate to join an exchange event and learn from local people.

<Reminders for applicants>

  • International students are required to have a work permit if event participants will receive a gratuity after the event.
  • The application period may end before the deadline in the event there are a large number of applicants.
  • It is not possible to cancel after applying. Students who fail to attend without notifying the Student Office may not be permitted to participate in future local exchange events, homestay program or any other university programs.
  • In the case applicants are required to apply directly to the Student Office, be sure to check the “Action Required” section of Campus Terminal daily after applying. Selection results and important information about the event will be sent to your Campus Terminal account.
  • Failure to reply to the Student Office within the designated time period after receiving the selection results will result in being unable to participate in the exchange event. The designated time period is usually within three days after receiving the results.
  • Results will be sent to all applicants within three days after the deadline.
  • You will be seen as a representative of APU when participating in local exchange programs. Please follow the local organization’s instructions and be punctual.

Upcoming local exchange and volunteer activities

Currently, we do not have any local exchange and volunteer activities.


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