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Culture Wagon Camp

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A new way of contributing to the local community, making full use of APU's diversity Culture Wagon Camp

In this program, various student groups that usually operate separately come together to put on exchange events for the local community. Since 2011, the program has gone to a new city each year, like a real wagon, to promote international exchange with local residents. So far the program has visited Bungo-ono City, Oita City, Hita Town, Kitakyushu City, and Munakata City.

AY2015's event took place in Munakata City of Fukuoka Prefecture. 34 local elementary and junior high school students and 92 APU students from 10 different countries interacted with each other across cultures, taking part in activities like Munakata Guide (a walk rally at Munakata Taisha), Halal chicken curry cooking, and traditional dances and games from each country. The APU Fukuoka Alumni Association also cooperated with the event, in a true demonstration of the school spirit.


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