Language Education

The Center for Language Education (CLE) is responsible for all language courses at APU. Based on APU's founding principles and the 2030 Vision, the CLE has set the following mission for language education to prepare each student to become "a person who can change our world ".

CLE mission
The mission of the Center for Language Education is to cultivate learners who have the language skills necessary for communication in different contexts from daily life situations to learning in specialized areas, the Intercultural competence necessary to collaborate effectively with others, and the ability to become lifelong autonomous learners.

The CLE offers eight languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Malay-Indonesian, Thai, and Spanish.

The unique feature of APU's language education is that students learn a new language in the classroom and outside of the classroom. They can interact with people on campus who use the language in their daily lives and learn the language while using it (develop The ability to become lifelong autonomous learners). In doing so, students learn that there are many other languages in the world besides English and Japanese, and that there are people who use these languages in their daily lives. They can come to understand by this experience that all languages have the same value and should be respected equally.

Learning a language means expanding your world. By learning a new language, you expand your range of communication and new social encounters are possible (develop language skills). Language is not only a means of communication, but also a means of expressing one's identity. Learning a language leads to thinking about one's own language and one's own identity, and to building one's own world. It fosters respect for the world, and the identity of others (develop Intercultural competence).

We believe that establishing one's own identity and developing respect for the identity of others through language learning is the first step toward becoming a global citizen and the beginning of the path to becoming a person who can change our world for the better.

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SALC (Self-Access Learning Center)

The Self Access Learning Center (SALC) was established to help students to continue developing their language skills outside the classroom.

SALC provides advice and support for independent language study at all levels so that students can effectively develop the language skills they desire.

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Faculty Information

Detailed information about faculty members can be found through the following link. ​

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The APU Syllabus provides an outline and schedule of the courses available at APU. Students are able to read the syllabus and finalize a course plan before registering for their courses.

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