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APU Adopted into Ministry of Education Program to Develop Graduate Employability

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) backed "University Graduate Employability Support Program" under the title of "Developing an APU-style Assessment Program for Employability". The proposal has since been accepted by MEXT.

The "University Graduate Employability Support Program" is a publicly-offered MEXT program that aims to support new initiatives by universities and colleges in Japan that, in collaboration with the business sector, seek to promote students' social and occupational independence. The program also aims to make the results of such indicatives widely available to the general public.

Being offered for the first time, this program received submissions from a total of 441 universities, colleges and vocational colleges around Japan of which 180 were adopted.

APU provides a systematic fusion of regular and extracurricular activities making the most of its unique multicultural environment, and continues to develop a range of initiatives to enable students to develop their employment potential. While showing students the path towards improving their employment prospects, the University aims to continue to produce graduates with the highest levels of employability.

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