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About APU

APU has received a Good Practices award from MEXT for Student Support Programs for Contemporary Societal Needs

APU has been selected for this student support program good practices commendation after applying with a proposal for a "Support for student sponsored activities involving youth and society."

The Student Support Programs for Contemporary Societal Needs seek to promote the personal development of students and enrich them as citizens. MEXT financially supports university-wide programs that support the development of students from their enrollment through their graduation, and make the most of student innovation, perspective, and ambitions.

This program is new as of this fiscal year, and aims to bolster the ability of universities to support their students. There were 272 applicants from around the country and APU was selected amongst 70 successful universities.

This university is especially able to stand at the forefront of this rapidly diversifying society and discover and resolve conflicts as they arise. We are developing human resources that can show leadership in a global society, and have produced many individuals with great potential, and many student sponsored activities.

Our proposal is a model of the contribution we hope to make with our experience, through extracurricular activities to modern social problems. We are planning on recognizing superior activities at our university as Good Practices. We hope to further engender the sharing of those resources through a Student Activities Incubation Center. We envision a center that can work as a matchmaker for the vision of our students and the needs of society. Through these relationships, we hope our youth can help discover the solutions to the worlds problems, and develop students ready to engage these problems in the process.