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APU Graduate School Selected by MEXT for its "Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education"

The APU Graduate School of Management (GSM) has been selected for its "Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University MBA Program" proposal, submitted to the MEXT Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education [Research-based Grant (covering development expenses for young researchers)] (The former "Program for Enhancing Graduate School Education".

The Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education targets Masters and Ph.D. programs providing advanced training implementing a wide range of activities administered among the many spheres of today's society. Not only should these programs be exceptionally organized and systematic, but should also aspire to promote efforts toward creating an applicable and meaningful graduate education. It is hoped that circulation of the news of this prestigious selection will encourage even more efforts toward the wide-spread improvement of graduate education.

Applications (total of 355 from 154 Universities) were accepted from 3 categories: Humanities, Science/Engineering/Agriculture, and Medical. The GSM program was selected from a group of 124 applications from 81 Universities, under the category of Humanities.

The objectives for the "Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University MBA Program" include:

  • Foster students with the ability to comprehend and implement management training focusing on the central duties quintessential to resolving the many challenges associated with management of enterprises and organizations based in the Asia Pacific.
  • Utilize a framework similar to that of leading Western Business School MBA programs. With all courses following the motto, "Focusing on the Asia Pacific", curriculum will go beyond fundamental professional knowledge necessary for the many spheres of business management, and bring student knowledge to a higher, more refined level. Students will not simply pick up information in the classroom, but will also focus on the communication, creative, planning, and leadership abilities, essential for societal living. The program also aims to encourage continuation of self-study even after graduation, continuing innovation and bringing out and the entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition to a full and improved core curriculum, a short-term training program for business leaders will take place as a new initiative, promoting student exchange with foreign business schools and implementation of joint programs. Plans are also underway for development of teaching materials (business case studies) with focus on the Asia Pacific.