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APU student wins award in "Venture Business Plan Contest in Oita."

Oct 16, 2004

On Saturday, October 16, the final screening of the "Venture Business Plan Contest for Students in Oita" (sponsored by the Oita Prefecture, Venture Business Plan Contest Creation Executive Committee) took place in Oita city. This contest was held for the first time through the cooperation of Universities within Oita Prefecture, with the hope of increasing venture business activities and human resources by rewarding creative business plans designed by University and College students.A total of 29 university and college students in Oita prefecture applied for the contest, of which 8 progressed through to primary examination (documents examination) and went on to secondary examination (presentation). During the secondary examination stage, the students did presentations about the operability・public utility・competitive advantage/edge・problem points regarding their business plans.

The examiner provided the students with some ideas/advice on how to further expand/develop the technical aspects and practical applications of their business plans. They also asked the students some questions on points of differentiation and how best to compete with other companies. For applicants whose business plan was modeled in Oita, the examiners gave advice and asked questions from the local citizen's point of view.

ARAGAKI Kaoru, a second-year student from the Economics Department of Oita University won the highest award, ZABALIUNAS Mindaugas, a fourth-year College of Asia Pacific Management student from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and ITAI Maki, a fourth-year student from the Engineering Department of Oita University, both won outstanding performance awards.

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