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APU graduate employed at TOSHIBA Home Appliances Corporation gives a message to current students

Nov 28, 2008

Eng Ngor Lee (Grad. Spring'03, Malaysia) who is currently employed by TOSHIBA Home Appliances Corporation and member of the first batch of APU graduates, gave a message to the current students."I grew up hearing the words of former Prime Minister MAHATHIR who used to say 'Look East' (East=follow Japan's example) therefore I already wanted to work in Japanese industry even before I studied overseas. While I was studying at APU I strengthened my will to work internationally in Japanese industry in a field especially relating to manufacturing. Currently I am employed at TOSHIBA Home Appliances Corporation (the former Toshiba Corporation).

When I first began working I was puzzled by language differences and the unique Japanese corporate culture but I was able to overcome these problems by endeavoring to understand the people I was dealing with and by performing the duties I had been given with a sense of responsibility. The communications skills I nurtured through reaching a mutual understanding with students from various countries and regions during my time at the multicultural campus of APU has been a great help.

I believe that "one's job is a place where one can put one's ability and individuality to use for the benefit of society and people". I want to develop myself further through my job while maintaining a good work-balance -one where my job and my interests and life style are in harmony.

To the international students who hope to gain employment in Japanese businesses: I recommend that you deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and, of course, improve your Japanese language skills. It is also important to keep up with business trends by reading the papers and watching the TV news. Let's create an international network with the Old-boys and Old-girls of APU who are active around the world, to create a place where we can exchange information.

During her time as a student, Ms. Ngor established the traditional dance circle "Dikir Barat" with her friends from Malaysia and Indonesia and gave performances on campus and in the region. She was a staff member at the Student Summit held in 2000 and worked as an interpreter at a TV station during the 2002 Japan-Korea Soccer World Cup. She is busy every day in her current job in charge of the planning of refrigeration products for the overseas markets.

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